Ecological Stewardship And Sustainability


At Taylor-Made Woodworking I recognize that our entire planet is an interdependent ecosystem that humans are a part of - not separate from. While we have created a society and technologies beyond nature, we are still a part of and therefore dependent on it.

It is our responsibility to foster caring and sustainable relationships within this ecosystem that gives us life, both to nature and to our fellow humans beings. We have the knowledge, skills, and technology to do this, but have failed to act.

46-58 thousand square miles of forest are lost every year and deforestation is the second leading cause of global warming, accounting for 20% of current greenhouse gasses.

Healthy forests help absorb greenhouse gasses and carbon emissions that are caused by human civilization and contribute to global climate change. Without trees and plants, more carbon and greenhouse gasses enter the atmosphere. To make matters worse, trees actually become carbon sources when they are cut, burned, or otherwise removed.

While the woodworking industry accounts for a very small amount of deforestation I feel it is my responsibility to lower and reverse any impact I might have on our forests. 

How do I steward sustainability?

Products built to last

I do not believe in cheap throw away culture. Everything made in my shop is designed and built to last a lifetime. How many cheap and ugly furniture pieces from big box stores have you thrown away in your life? Probably enough to have bought beautiful handcrafted pieces that you can pass down to your children (at a lower long term cost).

Sustainable Wood

I source my wood locally with sustainability in mind. Urban salvaged lumber from trees cut in cities and destined for the wood chipper, sustainable forest certified NW lumber, and reclaimed Douglas Fir lumber from deconstructed houses are all used.


For every item sold a tree is planted. When you purchase a product from Taylor-Made Woodworking I will donate $1 to the non profit organization One Tree Planted who in turn will plant a tree in Oregon (where the majority of our lumber comes from) learn more about One Tree Planted here: